I wanted to express my thanks and satisfaction on my recent purchase of the Terry Bathrobe made with 100% Turkish cotton.
I have been looking in ALL the stores for the past few months for just a real cotton bathrobe for my wife.
NONE to be found ANYWHERE!! Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Sears, JC Penny, Ross, TJ Maxx.
Everything was polyester.
Sure its soft, but I'm old school and was looking for COTTON.
Finally, I checked online and there it was.
It was even green!! See, I bought one for my wife about 10 years ago, green, and she has worn it out.
But this one is double sided, and so heavy.
I believe it is my best Christmas present I have ever bought for her.
I know she will Love it.
Your people rushed to get it out and to me in time to put it under the tree.
Thanks again for a wonderful product and great customer service.
Ron W 12-01-2010
Good Morning, I am writing to thank Sardil for expediting my order for Spa robes. I did receive them as promised and she even called to make sure all was well. Please acknowledge her efforts and give her my thanks. Regards,
Ella R. 06-01-2011
Nothing says comfort and luxury like Turkish towels and bathrobes. When you&'re fresh from a relaxing shower, you'll want to bundle yourself up in something that was meant to dry your body as well as keep you warm and comfortable. Don't settle for towels meant for the beach or the gym. Make the choice that will have you believing that your bathroom is located in a four-star hotel.
I just received my order for a a luxury line hooded bathrobe. Receiving it the next day after I ordered it was truly impressive! The robe was all that I expected and luxurious as described.
I am a happy customer.
Thank you very much!
Lawrance C. 04-01-2011
At Thirsty Towels, we offer a blissful selection of Turkish towels and bathrobes for men and women, all designed to keep the wearer at the height of comfort so that you can stay just as cozy outside of the shower as you were inside of it. Turkish towels incorporate zero-twist technology in the fabric, which means that it will remain thick and plush long after all of your other towels dry out. Our towels are thirsty, and they are engineered to absorb every molecule of water on your body and come back for more, use after use.
Michael L. 08-01-2011
Take a moment to browse through our selection of Turkish bathrobe and wraps, Turkish towels, and cover up bathrobes. Simply use the navigation bar at the top of our site to see our full collection and find the bathrobes that are right for you and your family.

Thank you for visiting our website, as we know you have many choices for your bathrobes, towels and home goods. Since we first launched our family business in 2001, we have dedicated ourselves solely to refining our commitment of excellence to you, and never compromising quality of service or product. At Thirstytowels.com, we understand very well the immeasurable value of precious moments during the course of our day. For some of us, it is the comforting soft touch of a plush cotton towel against our tender morning skin, or the urgency of the first cup of coffee when we open our eyes and enjoy the morning in one of our cozy robes. For others, it is that quiet evening time lounging in our plush bathrobes while enjoying a good book or a movie, or simply snuggling with a loved one. It is moments like these which set the tone for the day ahead, or an evening of good sleep. Our exquisite Turkish Towels and Turkish Bathrobes will help you achieve the best experience possible, this is our promise to you.

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