Luxe Regal Wrap for Women

Luxe Regal Wrap for Women


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    These shower wraps are the only ones made of famous, renowned Light Presidential Turkish Robes which is 100% Turkish Cotton.  As you know, most towels come loose easily and must be constantly re-tied around the body. The wraps are fitted with pouch pockets (one on the men's, two on the women's) into which lip balm, jewelry, sunglasses, suntan lotion, or shampoos can be placed. Made of superior cotton from the world famous Denizli region of Turkey. Our wraps are dense, durable, and highly absorbent yet don't feel heavy as you wear them. Elastic top with velcro  closure*.

    If selected, monogram will be placed at the lower part of the wrap.

    Fits 24" to 60" chest. 31 1/2" Long.
    Available colors: White & Taupe
    Sizes: OSFM, 2/3XL
    Machine wash, gentle cycle, tumble dry, low. Non-chlorinated bleach if needed

    *Please use care with velcro as it may snag on the wrap and other items. Close securely while not wearing and before laundering.


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