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Robes - Understand the Different Types of Robes Before you Buy

While many people may consider buying a robe a fairly easy affair accomplished by simply going to your local department store and buying something off the rack that looks nice, after a while you may get tired of spending your hard earned money on robes that do not last. When you are ready to buy a quality robe that will last you for more than a year, you should take the time to understand the various types and qualities of robes to ensure you are getting a robe that you will be happy with.

There are several different types of robes for you to chose from, choosing a robe depends entirely on how you plan to use it, many people have several different robes for different uses. For instance do you wear the same robe in the summer as you do in the winter? Perhaps if you live in a moderate climate you do, but if you live in a climate that has temperature extremes you may find a heavier robe in the winter and a lighter weight one for the summer to be more appropriate.

It is important to decide what qualities you most value in robes before you buy, for instance do you use your robe primarily for warmth in the cold winter months or is your robe for absorbing extra moisture after you take a shower? Do you need a robe for the beach or a special trip or is your robe an opportunity to pamper yourself over the weekend? Understanding the purpose of your robe plays an important part in choosing the right robes for your needs.

The most popular robes are 100% cotton terry robes that come in various weights between 16 -24 ounces per yard. The heavier the weight the thicker and more absorbent a robe will be, conversely if you prefer a lightweight robe you will want to purchase one on the lower end of the spectrum. Cotton terry robes are good all around robes for just about any purpose; however make sure to buy a good quality robe made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton as this will increase the quality, comfort and life of your robe.

If you are looking for a luxurious robe to pamper yourself in a velour robe can be just the thing, these robes will leave you feeling like you have been wrapped in the softest cotton and leave you with the feeling of pure bliss. While velour is not the ideal material for a beach robe, it can be perfect for an early morning round of coffee in the sunroom or a perfect robe to wrap up in after a long bubble bath.

If a lightweight robe for hanging out at the pool is what you need, one of the bamboo/cotton robes may be perfect for you. Much lighter weight than cotton terry bamboo is one of the most absorbable materials you can find for a robe.

Thirsty Towels offers a wide range of robes for every occasion and need as well as towels, robes and cover ups for kids, and even shower curtains.

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